Tell us what you plan to pack? Packing Tech help with design free of charge

About Us

Packing Tech offers the best value, quality products, and excellent service to all of our customers.


About Us

Packing Tech Co. Ltd is a privately held leading and professional packaging solution supplier in China, focused on all kinds of food beverage package especially the frozen food packages.

We have an experienced team of technicians and quality control manager that closely monitor every part of the manufacturing process. We uphold the highest standards in ensuring all processes follow strict hygiene standards. Clean and safe food packaging, that’s our promise to you.

We are committed to your commercial success by providing you with the very best food packaging within a competitive price structure.


Our Service

If you don’t know how to pack your food product? Packing Tech will design it for you!
Choosing the right material is crucial in ensuring cost-effective packaging. Our team of battle-hardened consultants will run through your requirements and propose the most effective and complete packaging solution for your corporation


Our Guiding Principles

Packing Tech believe that cooperation, honesty, and integrity result in innovative flexible and specialty rigid packaging products for our customers. We feel it is our responsibility to build strong, long-term relationships with our customers so we can meet and exceed their expectations.


Our Green Policies

Packaging itself creates wastes and we are fully aware of it. The world cannot do without packaging. Since it is simply not possible to eliminate packaging, at least let us make it sustainable.

Packing Tech respect our clients’ insistence on green packaging and we do the same to our suppliers. We are committed to doing our part in influencing the global awareness of environmental sustainability

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