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Kraft Paper Tub Kraft Paper Package

kraft paper tub

Kraft Paper Tub Kraft Paper Package


Different size kraft paper tub, kraft paper package for ice cream, Gelato, frozen yogurt, italian ice, soup, oat, cheese etc.

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Packing Tech heavy duty PE or PLA coated paper tubs are an efficient and inexpensive way to package anything from hot soups to frozen ice cream. Also most suitable packaging for supplying ice cream shops, supermarket, restaurant, hotel etc. High printing quality with customized logo, wide range sizes from 1oz to 64oz.The best home pack and take away containers.

Features of Packing Tech kraft paper tub:
1. Recyclable
2. Environment Friendly
3. Leak and Grease Resistant
4. Microwaveable (For soup cup)
5. 1-8 colors Flexographic/Offset

Packaging suggestions of Packing Tech kraft paper tub:
Ice Cream, Italian Ice, Gelato, Frozen Yogurt, Soup, Oat, Cheese etc.

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