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PET Cup Plastic Cup

PET cup

PET Cup Plastic Cup


PET Cup Plastic Cup, PET products are eco-friendly, attractive appearance, sanitary, safe, and highly transparent.

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Packing Tech PET Cup Plastic Cup. The PET material is widely recongnized and advocated as the most eco-friendly and popular plastic. Compared with traditional plastic, such as PP and PS, PET products are eco-friendly, attractive appearance, sanitary, safe, and highly transparent. While there is no noxious gas generated when being burnt, it is also recyclable.

The maximum bearable temperature of PET products is 70℃. Therefor, it is widely used in the packaging industry of cold fresh food and cold drinks.

Packing Tech PET products includs PET cold drink cup, PET ice cream cup, PET tasting cup, PET flavourings cup, PET food cup, PET salad bowl, etc.

PET cold drink cups can be used for juice, beer, cold coffee, and other cold drinks.

PET ice cream cups are greatly suitable for all kinds of ice cream, they can show the texture and color of ice creams perfectly.

PET tasting cups are used for promotion activities in shopping malls, supermarkets, exhibition, etc. They can be used to contain beverages for tasting. Flat lids are avaliable upon request.

PET flavourings cups can be used for flavourings, sauce, paste, jam, etc. Flat lid and dome lid optional.

Material of PET food cups is more thick. It can be used for nuts, fruit, vegetable, etc.

PET salad bowls are good containers for salad, fruit, vegetable, cake, sushi, etc.


1. Eco-friendly, odorless, highly transparent, beautiful and in compliance with the requirements of food and beverage containers.
2. One-color to nine-color logos and texts are printable upon customer’s request.
3. To match up with the cup, Packing Tech provides a variety of transparent and durable flat lids and dome lids, either with round holes, semi-punched, or cross holes for the use of various straws.

Packing Tech is a leading and professional packaging solution supplier, focused on all kinds of food beverage package solution especially the frozen food package solution. Our products include, ice cream package, yogurt package, jam package, beverage package, cheese package, salad package, etc.

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